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Annual Breakfast

It is not often a company can say they have over 40 years of combined experience, but that is exactly what SERVPRO of Meridian has!  With 2 employees who have been with SERVPRO of Meridian for 13 years and another three employees with 5 plus years of experience.  

Rodney to the Rescue!

SERVPRO of Meridian's favorite production manager, Rodney!  Rodney was overseeing a huge commercial fire at a building site in downtown Meridian.  If any kind of disasters affects your home, or business, Rodney will be one of the first on site. 

The morning rush

SERVPRO of Meridian's morning rush, isn't like everyone else's!  SERVPRO of Meridian is rushing to get to your disaster and make it "Like it never even happened."

No matter what time

No matter what time of the day, SERVPRO of Meridian will always be ready to help.  In this picture our crew has been out all night at a commercial building.  

A "Succi" Situation

Remember if you ever in a "succi" situation give SERVPRO of Meridian a call!  Super cute little Succulents to hand out to some of SERVPRO of Meridian's favorite agents!

Full Gear!

SERVPRO of Meridian's production manager Rodney, and a technician suit to handle any disaster that might strike. 

Happy Eleven-Year Anniversary at SERVPRO of Meridian

We were lucky enough to celebrate two work anniversary's this morning. Both Rodney and Tammy have been a very important part of our team here at SERVPRO of Meridian for eleven years! We appreciate all their hard work and service and we're so thankful to have them part of the team! 

Insurance Nerd Day 2018

It's Insurance Nerd Day and we're embracing it with some of our favorite “nerds”.??

Give these nerds a call for all your insurance needs: Allstate Insurance Agent: Mac Hodges, Ashley Graham - Shelter InsuranceFarm Bureau Claims Meridian-

Moldy Couch

When a home is allowed to be vacant with no air conditioning, mold can grow very quickly in the south.  In this picture the leather couch is taken over by mold.  

Melted Microwave

The grease on the stove was so hot it actually melted the microwave.  Remember, all it takes is a second for a pan of grease to flame up.  Please do not leave grease unattended.

Kitchen Fire

A kitchen fire is a hugely devastating event for any homeowner.  For this homeowner, she called SERVPRO of Meridian and we were on our way to help.  Luckily with exception of the stove and surrounding cabinets, the rest of the house was fine.  

Huge water damage

When our office team has to pull out the snazzy rubber boots, it means there is big water damage.  In this large job, the whole team, production and office, worked together to get it dried as quick as possible.

Water damage

Not many people can say they can bounce drywall, but that is exactly what our technician was doing in this picture.  The owner couldn’t believe how quickly we were able to dry-out her home after seeing this!

Commercial business water damage

When a local business had a water damage, SERVPRO of Meridian was quick to respond.  By being so quick to respond, SERVPRO of Meridian was able to dry out the two story building quickly and efficiently.

Storm damages Church

When a local church was devastated by a tornado SERVPRO of Meridian was there to help.  With quick extraction, tear out and drying, SERVPRO of Meridian was able to quickly put the church back to normal!

Tornado damages school

When you pull up and see the roof on the ground, is certainly heart stopping.  So glad SERVPRO of Meridian was called to help get a local school sorted out after a devastating tornado.

Enemy of an Old Piano

Humidity was the enemy of this old piano. If you own a piano its very important to control the humidity in the room in which the piano is located. If that cannot be done, verify the room has plenty of ventilation. Keep a window slightly open and a door open to create a draft or place a fan in the room to keep air moving. If you have an upright piano, it should never be right up against the wall, because without ventilation between the piano and the wall, condensation collects and mold grows. You will need to pull your piano out at least 6 inches from the wall to prevent this from happening.

Kitchen Fire in Meridian

Cooking is a leading cause of kitchen fires. This fire was caused when the customer had forgotten they had food cooking on stove and walked away. The customer was amazed that the soot and smell was removed so quickly.

Mold Discovery in Meridian Home

Sometimes while working a water or fire remediation, our crews will find mold. In these situations, we can work with your insurance company in order to determine the best course of action. With proper containment, cleaning, and sealing, we'll provide the best service possible.

Drywall Removal

This photo was taken after affected drywall was removed from flooded house Newton. All of the affected drywall and insulation needed to be removed as well as most of the flooring. Drying equipment was placed to remove any additional moisture.  

Call the Professionals for Fire Clean-up

SERVPRO of Meridian was called out to this local home to clean and restore the house back to normal after a fire had spread in various rooms. Call us at (601) 693-7300 and let us help you restore your personal items and home back to normal.

Drywall Mold Remediation in Surrounding Area

We performed an inspection for mold in a local home. During our inspection we found several feet of mold in the drywall due to a previous water damage. We remediated the mold and repaired the damaged drywall.

Mold on Furniture

Mold can affect more than structure the structure of your home. Furniture can also be affected. If you suspect mold on your furniture like what's pictured here don't hesitate to call the professionals here SERVPRO of Meridian.

Torando Causes Damage to Collinsville Home

Our crews responded to several homes in the Collinsville area after it was hit by a tornado. This is a picture of a garage that was affected to one of the homes. The ceiling was damaged insulation and water to leak onto the floor and drywall.

Mold Takes Over Kitchen

This picture shows mold can take over an area when it is not dealt with immediately.  In this case it was in the kitchen. SERVPRO of Meridian has the knowledge to remediate a mold problem.  

Hot Water Heater Causes Damages to Local Home

Hot water heater busted causing moderate damage to this home. SERVPRO of Meridian has the necessary equipment, experience and training to such damages as this one, in which several rooms and structural materials were affected.

Collapsed Ceiling

This local home suffered water damage due to a broken pipe resulting in the ceiling collapsing in several areas of the home.  SERVPRO was able to be onsite quickly to get the clean-up started and water extracted.  The faster we can get to a water damage reduces the damage by thousands of dollars.

Fire Damage to Meridian Area Home

Fire Damage at to this home caused significant smoke and soot damage as well as ash and debris. Although most of the structure was unsalvageable, we were able to board-up the home and clean the contents. SERVPRO of Meridian is here to help. Call us anytime at 601-693-7300.

No job too big or too small

This is a commercial building that had fire damage. Our certified technician is cleaning the high ceilings. SERVPRO professionals are committed to providing fire and water cleanup and restoration services to reduce business interruptions and recovery costs.

Small Fire at Local Restaurant - Cleaned

SERVPRO of Meridian was called to a local restaurant that had experienced a small fire. Although the damage affected mostly the outside sitting area, the smoke and soot still could potentially pose serious consequences if left untouched. Our crews arrived prepared with the equipment necessary to clean the affected area so that the area could be open to customers in no time

Water Damage at Local Bank

SERVPRO of Meridian was recently called to a commercial water damage at a local bank. Damage affected 2 stories, which included several offices. Our crews knew the importance of making the situation, "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Sewage Backup

SERVPRO of Meridian was called to a commercial office building in Meridian that had experienced a sewage backup.  Our crews went in immediately and made the loss, "Like it never even happened."

Transformation Tuesday

Is Transformation Tuesday still a thing?

It's an everyday thing here at SERVPRO of Meridian! Our highly trained professionals are ready to clean fire damage to your commercial or residential property!

Cracker Barell Staff Meeting

Sometimes staff meeting needs to be breakfast at Cracker Barrel. 

Traffic Jam

"There are no traffic jams on the extra mile" - Zig Ziglar 

SERVPRO of Meridian will go that extra mile for you...and beyond!

Our vans on the way to help those affected by Hurricane Irma.

Solar Eclipse 2017

We are just as ready for fire or water damage restoration as we are for the Solar Eclipse 2017. 

Carpet Cleaning

SERVPRO of Meridian provides commercial and residential carpet cleaning. Not only do we serve the city of Meridian but also the surrounding areas, including Clark County, Jasper County, and Kemper County. We can also do upholstery.

SERVPRO of Meridian has experience in cleaning hoarding homes.

Hoarding is a specialty cleaning situation and many times involves some sort of bio-haz situation. PPE is a must in these incidents and should not be completed by family members or friends.

That's a lot of water!

Busted pipe in the attic affected this customer's entire lake house, not only were all the ceiling, walls and floors affected but also inside the kitchen drawers! But even that was not too much for out techs to handle! 

Our crew

Crews that eat together; stay together! That's why we try to get together as a team and enjoy food and fellowship with one another as often as we can. 

Damge from busted water heater located in the attic

Damage from busted water heater located in the attic.

The SERVPRO team was able to get insulation and other debris removed from the area quickly, so that the drying process could begin.


Old Cup...Same Goal

We have and always will strive to be the best premier cleaning and restoration company in the Meridian and surrounding areas. Call us today for your water, fire, or mold restoration job! 

Flooded Meridian School

Due to the amount of rainfall we received in the area, a local school had a bit rougher than usual Monday morning start.

Though several halls, and rooms were affected, our SERVPRO team tried effortlessly to restore the facility while classes remained in session.

Commercial Water Damage in Meridian

This water damage happened at a local restaurant in Meridian. Most of the water was cleaned up and minimal equipment was placed so the restaurant could open in time for lunch!