Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Frozen pipe

A frozen pipe can cause extreme damage. In the before picture, the ceiling and insulation, actually fell onto the ground. It made a huge mess, for the homeown... READ MORE

Water pipe burst in Meridian, MS

It is amazing the damage a small pipe can cause! In this home a pipe burst in the attic and flooded a couple of rooms downstairs. In the first picture, notice... READ MORE

Vacation Home Damaged by Busted Pipe

Water pipe busted in the attic of this home causing extensive damage throughout. Damage was caused by a busted pipe in the attic in which water and insulation h... READ MORE

Water Damage to Hardwood Floors

Wood floors look good in almost any home. But when mother nature strikes or some kind of accidents happens, your wooden floors are damaged, but believe it or no... READ MORE

Flooded Apartment in Meridian

This flooded apartment in the city of Meridian was the result of a broken water pipe from above. Notice the extent of water damage in the before picture; where ... READ MORE

Local Bank Water Damage

The before picture shows a workspace at local bank. Due to a busted pipe, carpet was affected. While this water damage may look minor, if left untreated, it co... READ MORE